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    The art of clinical feasibility.

    Successful clinical research starting with the community

Our Story

ClinArk, founded in 2019, is a clinical consulting firm that helps sponsors and contract research organizations execute clinical feasibilities along with engaging patients and communities. Our team is dedicated to helping increase clinical trial awareness and participation. We are committed to providing our clients with unwavering commitment and the highest level of ethical standards. Our belief is that our services should solve problems that help make the world a better place. That is why our service offering helps expand clinical trial access and awareness. We are dedicated to helping all communities learn about clinical research and clinical trial opportunities in their area, no matter the zip code.

Our Vision & Values

People first…always.  The health and well-being of the diverse population.  It is the purpose that matters the most to us.  It motivates everything we do.

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion can fuel innovation. So, we join with top explorers of healing to help people in diverse communities by creating access to higher standards of health care as a way of life.

The true purpose behind our values is to help persons of color receive treatment, not just affect the study numbers.  Connecting those with needs to relevant clinical trial opportunities drives everything we do.  

And, in the end, helps us to make a difference in every culture we work for. As we partner with those conducting research and creating medical breakthroughs, we work to change the way they think.  About people, communities, needs, and human equity.  

We help our partners to respect and listen to diverse groups of people as we forge a foundation of trust between the system and those in need. It is this foundation of trust, and the truths behind it, that moves our purpose forward.

In the end, we find that our partners wholly endorse our purpose and promise.  They respond to the idea of working with ClinArk not with a “Why?”.  But, instead, “We must.”

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                                                    ClinArk Talks

Stay connected with ClinArk Talks, our series created for clinical researchers to communicate what they do with communities around the world. Every month our CEO speaks with researchers from various walks of life so that the community has the opportunity to ask questions and learn about clinical research from our page on Facebook Live. Visit our blog to learn more.