• We bring clinical trial opportunities to research sites and communities, no matter the zip code. 

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ClinArk is dedicated to helping all communities gain access to clinical trials, no matter your zip code. If you are interested in volunteering, click the button below to register in our system. 

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Community Engagement

We believe the best way to recruit a more diverse group of study participants is to take a grassroots approach. Our grassroots approach allows us to build trust within underserved communities and will enable us to gain valuable feedback from communities to better plan your clinical trials. As a minority-owned organization, we know the importance of building trust in the community before running your clinical trial.  We also know how important it is for your trial to have diverse participants. We do not just work with advocacy groups; we interact with community leaders and trusted organizations to help build awareness around your trial. 

Clinical Trial Listing

Instead of sending surveys to research sites and hoping they have the capabilities to run your trial, we provide CROs/Sponsors the opportunity to share what they can about their clinical trial opportunity with our network in the form of a listing. Our opportunity board helps sponsors attract sites that are eager to participate on their trial and have the capabilities to conduct the trial. We made finding trials easier for sites and finding suitable sites easier for CROs/Sponsors.

Site Identification

If CROs/Sponsors are short on on time and need research sites quickly, we can also perform site outreach and assessments to help you quickly find the sites and investigators that fit your trial. Whether it involves collecting CVs, calling sites, or collecting regulatory documents, we have you covered. We also can leverage our internal network of pre-vetted sites that span across 40+ countries which we can use to help you quickly find sites and understand their capabilities.

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It is no secret that we help research sites get into clinical trials. Whether you are a multidisciplinary team made up of Anesthesiologists, Neurophysiologists, Ophthalmologists, or small family practice, we want to connect you to clinical trial opportunities.

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We know how challenging it can be to find the right investigator for your clinical trial. However, we are committed to helping you save money, find the right investigator and site for your clinical trial. We do site identification differently at ClinArk. We are committed increasing clinical trial access, participant diversity, and to helping research sites find trials that best fit their capabilities and interest. We have contacts in over 40+ countries that are eager to conduct research.

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About Us

ClinArk, founded in 2019, is a clinical consulting firm that helps sponsors, contract research organizations, and research sites execute clinical feasibilities and recruit patients. ClinArk is dedicated to increasing clinical trial awareness, access, and participation. We believe that our services should solve problems that help make the world a better place. That is why our service offering helps expand clinical trial access, awareness, and participation. We are dedicated to helping all communities gain access to clinical trials, no matter the zip code.

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