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Episode 6: Dr. Kimberly Cruz, a doctor helping advance sickle cell research

Our CEO and Dr. Cruz discuss her background and experience working with sickle cell warriors.  Dr. Cruz speaks on the barriers to clinical trial participation and steps to overcome those barriers.

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Episode 5: Juliet Romeo, Filmmaker and Sickle Cell Warrior

Our CEO speaks with Juliet Romeo, a filmmaker and sickle cell warrior. They discuss Juliet's journey and some of the challenges that she has faced along the way.

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Episode 4: Christopher Petek, Vice President at The Clinical Trials Network

Our CEO recently talked with Christopher Petek, who is the Vice President at The Clinical Trials Network. They discussed topics ranging from his background to what The Clinical Trials Network is doing to push the industry forward. 


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Episode 3: Quentin Watson, a community member participating in a COVID clinical trial
Our CEO had the opportunity to speak with Quentin Watson during this episode of ClinArk Talks. Quentin is from Atlanta, Georgia, and has participated in multiple clinical trials. They discussed many topics ranging from his experience in clinical trials to mistrust within minority communities. 

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Episode 2: Danielle Coe, Founder & Owner of Black Women In Clinical Research

Danielle Coe joined ClinArk Talks to discuss how she got into clinical research and what her plans are for her organization Black Women In Clinical Research. She even spoke briefly about her feelings in regards to COVID. 

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